About the Founder

Hemali Gada Founder of Hungry Brain

Hungry Brain was established by Hemali Gada, who has been involved in training, development, and learning for 2 Decades.

She is a ‘Buzan’ Licensed Instructor (BLI) and ‘Think Buzan’ Licensed Instructor (TLI) She is also a renowned ‘Mind Map’ Trainer and was trained by Tony Buzan himself, inventor of the world-renowned Mind Map technology. She strongly believes that training not only imparts knowledge but also enables one to think fast, think better, and think ahead. She is involved in training students, educators, and the corporate workforce at various levels in the application of ‘Mind Maps’. She has also been a columnist for five years in 'Janmabhumi' Newspaper and her topics were to spread a different kind of parenting to this new generation and strengthen the bonds between parent-child relationship.

While doing research on how human Brain develops, she came across enormous facts about what kind of activities speeds Brain's growth or disrupts its growth. Having an experience of counseling, she could understand the impact of environment on Brain development at a very different level. She can easily understand get the connections between environmental exposure of the baby and its connection with the Brain development.

With her passion of Nurturing Potential, she has developed expertise in developing modules for babies from birth to 7 years of age and conducts workshops for parent-child relationships and parenting skills. Hungry Brain programs have demonstrated unbelievable development in both areas : Intellectual and behavioural development. Hundreds of babies are achieving miraculous milestones at a very young age and the home environment is also drastically different due to these children's behavioural growth.

Hemali, mother of two teenagers, is privileged to make a difference in thousands of families by her training, workshops, webinars, videos, articles, counselling sessions, flash cards and hungry brain programs and thus fulfills her commitment for 'Nurturing Potential, Strengthening Bonds'.