Channelizing Hungry Brains : 5 Day webinar with Hemali Gada

Channelizing Hungry Brains : 5 Day webinar with Hemali Gada

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CHANNELIZING HUNGRY BRAINS - ( A 5 Day Parent Learning Course )
: Webinar Series By Hemali Gada.

Hemali Gada

1) Founder of Hungry Brain,
2) Mind Map Trainer,
3) Expert in counselling,
4) Columnist on : New Age-Parenting Methods.

Accomplish The Following  Outcomes From This Course :
1) Decoding what child actually wants to communicate which at times leaves us irritated, angry or upset.
2) Exploring the gap between child’s needs and our expectations and instructions.
3) Planning the pathway to channelize child’s wants in a constructive way.
4) Get an access to create magical pathways that the child accepts with joy.
5) Correction verses molding the same behavior which results in the development.
6) Creating more opportunities to elevate the bond with the child.

If you miss a session or a part of the session then no worries, you will get the recording 

Recordings are available after the session is over

From 23rd to 27th May at 5 pm to 6 pm IST (7:30 AM EST)

Total course Duration : 1 hour for 5 days