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Hungry Brain

Early Learning Program

Early Learning Program

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Current research confirms that learning starts as early as in the womb. Children have the greatest potential for developing the right brain from ages zero to six years old, with the highest potential being at the earlier ages. Learning through flash cards is a lifelong learning and aids the child in becoming smarter with its regular and appropriate exposure.

Age Group : 7-12 months

Program Duration : 12 months

This set contains:

  • Hungry Brain Fun with Dots and Numbers
  • Image cards to develop whole brain thinking skills
  • Word cards to memorize words as images 
  • Starter level story books for easy reading

Benefits of Early Learning Program: 

  • Develops strong logical thinking. 
  • Baby's perceiving capacity is very sharp.
  • Enhances minute observation skill.
  • Has sharp thinking skills.
  • Can do calculations at a very high speed.
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