Early Learning Program

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Brand: hungry brain

Publisher: Mind Wealth

Current research confirms that learning starts as early as in the womb. Children have the greatest potential for developing the right brain from ages zero to six years old, with the highest potential being at the earlier ages. Learning through flash cards is a lifelong learning and aids the child in becoming smarter with its regular and appropriate exposure.

Early Learning Program : 

Age Group : 7-12 months

Program Duration : 12 months

This set contains:

Hungry Brain Fun with Dots and Numbers: Mathematics is one of the highest function of Human brain. When we sharpen this skill, there is an overall uplift in the intellectual capacity. Its an universal fact that; Younger the baby, better the learning capability; so start early learning with Fun with dots and numbers program designed by Hungry Brain.. Fun with dots and numbers is a 1 year program divided in 5 stages, later divided into weeks. Parent guide has simple guidelines to follow while using the program. With using this hungry brain program, your child will know : 100 ordinal numbers, 100 roman numbers, odd and even numbers, squares and cubes from 1 to 100, 1 to 100 multiplication tables, Prime and composite numbers till 100, Factors of numbers till 100, Square and cube of 1 to 100 numbers, Algebraic progressions, 100 elements with atomic number from 1 to 100.

Image cards to develop whole brain thinking skills:

Babies exposed to thinking stimulation cards, have an edge when they are exposed to subsequent real image flash cards in the program, enabling them to grasp at a much higher and permanent level. Exposure of these cards strengthens baby’s ability to capture images, associate them with past memory and rapid recollection.

Word cards to memorize words as images and Starter level story books for easy reading:

Word cards enable the baby to remember words as images much before recognizing alphabet. Subsequent exposure of several word cards together enables baby to understand formation of sentences.

The beauty of these story books is that they are written with only those words that baby has been already exposed to. At first sight, baby finds the book to be familiar, and can easily connect with. This develops baby’s affinity towards books and reading, resulting in increased concentration and focus. This plays a critical role in developing an overall confidence in the baby.

Benefits of Early Learning Program: 

  • Playful learning: Flash cards develops the love of learning in fun and play manner.
  • Right brain learning: Flash card learning develops the right brain memory of a baby, the memory stored in the right brain stays for the lifetime.
  • Grasp Attention & Improve concentration: The Eye-Catching images on the flash cards make learning fun without any barriers. The attractive images interests children to concentrate which improves their concentration power and observational skills.
  • Parent and child bonding: Flash card are a very interesting way to create bond between child and a parent.
  • Enrich Vocabulary: Learning with flash cards develops and enrich vocabulary in children and also enable the brain to remember the words and images at a speed.
  •  Strengthens the baby’s ability to capture images.
  •  Helps associate the learning with past memory and rapid collection.
  •  Enhances the photographic memory which enables the right brain to function.
  •  Builds up self-confidence.


  • Develops strong logical thinking. 
  • Baby's perceiving capacity is very sharp.
  • Enhances minute observation skill.
  • Has sharp thinking skills.
  • Can do calculations at a very high speed.