Parenting Intelligence : 5 Day webinar with Hemali Gada

Parenting Intelligence : 5 Day webinar with Hemali Gada

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PARENTING INTELLIGENCE - (A 5 Day Parent Learning Course)
:Webinar Series By Hemali Gada.

We want our children to be intelligent but we are actually unaware of the fact on how intelligence increases and what can we do to have it increased. 

To develop intelligence, we need to understand how human brain is designed and how its process of developing. When parenting comprises of this process of increasing intelligence of our child, we can just not see the strong bond between the parent and the child but can also witness the intelligence.

Hemali Gada, founder of Hungry Brain is revealing the powerful methods of parenting intelligence of our children in a very simple and applicable manner in our daily routine in this 5-day webinar. 

Who can attend: Expecting parent to a parent having child below 12 years of age.

If you miss a session or a part of the session then no worries, you will get the recording which you can access for a week from your registered email account.

Investing your 5 hours to understand the below concept will make your parenting journey enjoyable. 

Day 1 : Understanding human brain and its function. What is right brain education and whole brain learning.

Day 2 : How to teach so kids can learn better and remember quickly and retain for a long of time.

Day 3 : Understanding intelligence and methods to develop it.

Day 4 : Emotional intelligence, its importance in life and methods to strengthen it.

Day 5 : How to teach our children to learn and to think.

Recordings will be available for a week after the session.

From 20th to 24th September at 6 pm to 7 pm IST

Total course Duration : 1 hour for 5 days

To know more contact us on 8879781504

Dear PARENT, After this learning: