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Hungry Brain

HB Lifeskill Development Quarterly Program for Kids of 1 to 3 Years

HB Lifeskill Development Quarterly Program for Kids of 1 to 3 Years

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Life Skill Development Program (1 to 3 Years)

After the first year there is lot of transition phase that goes on from being non-mobile to mobile, non speaking to trying to speak. The child here in this age become’s doer, he starts connecting and associate things in real life. Baby in this age wants to get involved in many activities. In this age the child begins to examine the details of events carefully and anticipates the results even before they happen. A child in this age is excited to explore and learn, he is ready to choose what he wants and what he doesn’t want.

What is Life Skill Development Program?

It is a 12 month program for the age group of 1 to 3 years , It is uniquely designed with contents that encourage baby to build creativity and curiosity through having hands on experiments. Each month program is designed to build a skill that will help the child at every point of life.

Hungry Brain promises to make the learning being fun for the child , by making him involved in real play activities they develop important life skills like planning, decision making, problem solving, confidence, balancing, creativity, social skill without even realizing it.

Life skill development program satisfies this hunger of the toddler by providing 1 set every month for 12 months. Each set comprises of 5 different product category along with a video guide on creative usage for specific products.

Content and Objectives of Each Product Category Present In Every Set:

Educational games:

Builds the foundation of analysis and understanding the various approaches to derive something. It makes baby able to easily apply the skills in learning new things in day-to-day life.

Story books:

Story Books are a small part of books category. There are various other types of books which provide different types of learning. Lets observe our toddler explore a new type of book every month.

Skill building toy:

Your toddler will love playing hours & hours with a single game. It by itself proves how much toddler likes this game as compared to getting bored in 5 mins with other things. When baby loves it, the learning from it is enormous.

Flash Cards:

Nothing in the world can build memory like what flash cards can do. Toddlers learn 10 times faster as compared to we adults. When exposed to flash cards in a right manner.

Word Cards:

Along with being able to read words, toddlers get a hand on building an enriched language by being exposed to this is collections of words forming creative sentences.

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