Our Journey


Our Journey begins from 9th Dec. 2003 with toy and books Library from our founder's residence at Kandivali west.



Expertise on child's psychology resulted in the increase of demand of the library and on 6th Feb 2005 we opened the library in Malad west as Toyland library. While meeting hundreds of parents and understanding their upbringing patterns and challenges, our founder saw a drastic difference in the children who were exposed to books and reading in early days as compared to those who were not. Going into the depth, she found that the awareness among parents on the methods to inculcate reading habits in children was very less. Due to the lack of knowledge even though parents wanted their children to read books couldn't make any difference. Rather they were frustrated with failures and many had given up.


In Dec. 2006 our founder started free training workshops under the name of 'Drusti - a vision towards reading'. These workshops made enormous difference in hundreds of families and reading habits among children grew drastically. As time went, more and more people joined the toy library and  this 225sq ft place was not enough now. Simultaneously parents bought various issues about child's behavior and life skills to our founder and her remedies bought enormous difference in the children in the area of confidence, problem solving, social skills, different types of fears and in the bonding between family members. Increased demand from parents and shortage of place for library gave a push for an expansion.


on 22nd Aug. 2007, We shifted to a bigger place with more offerings. Library, now called as 'kiddos library' was extended in the premises of 500 sq ft and now had all the best and required toys, games and books for children's overall development.  Along with the library, we started with an unique venture: "Hemali's Edupark" for enhancing skills of children with the age group of 3 to 12 years. Hemali's Edupark was also famous for parenting workshops lead by our founder, Ms. Hemali Gada. we also had many seminars from experts to share knowledge to parents which can make difference in the parenting. many families got a turnaround in their family life by the counseling sessions taken by our founder in the area of parent-child relationship.


Experiencing a different approach towards parenting during the meet with our founder, editor of Guajarati newspaper 'Janmabhumi' Mr. kundan Shah offered her to write a weekly column to make parents aware of her different approach towards parenting. From 2008 to 2013, every Wednesday article under the name of Kids corner written by Ms. Hemali Gada gave many new, different and easy techniques of parenting while were cherished by thousands of families.


In 2009, a proper structured, Ms. Hemali designed a 12 session program of reading club which was trained parents of children below 4 years on how to step by step develop the reading skills in the child that even a year baby can read words and small story books. It also covered various activities for language development, vocabulary building and to strengthen the bonds. Our founder believes that babies are born with enormous potential and with proper exposure and direction we can nuture the potential fully and having smart child.


In 2010, Ms. Hemali started her own research on how conscious learning takes place and how different exposures can make difference in the intellect that baby has. In the process of learning, getting trained in various areas and doing various researches, Ms.Hemali travelled in different parts of our country and got enormous exposure in the area of brain and intellectual development of human beings.


In the year 2011, she added a feather to her knowledge by getting accredited as Mind Map Trainer and was privileged to get trained by Tony Buzan, inventor himself. We started having Mind map workshops for parents, teachers, working executives in our premises, in the schools or in learning centers across India. While training hundreds of student, Ms. Hemali was amazed to see that the younger the student, better the learning and understanding ability they had and they could learn very fast compared to parents, teachers and even businessmen. by now having an expertise in the area of Counseling, Brain Development and learning patterns, Ms. Hemali dived to study the learning behavior of newborns. She was shocked seeing the facts which we all are generally not aware of. What a newborn learns in the 1st month after birth is the highest level of learning in the entire life that one can have. The enormous potential of baby after the birth compelled our founder to go deeper and deeper to find why and how the learning ability reduces. The loss of intellect that pruning has on the child's potential had shaken her drastically.


In 2012, our first set of flashcards were created. With our research we found that when asked people to say as many words as they can without a pause from the given alphabet, parents could give 4 to 9 words and teachers and educators fall in the range of 6 to 13 words. With the findings from this study taken over hundreds of people, we designed our first set of flashcards. each set comprised of 20 cards, each having different things from the same alphabet, i.e 20 things from alphabet a, 20 from b and so on. It also covered the adjectives from that alphabet thus widening the vocabulary. In a month's time, there was a boom in the demand from the library customers and a visible difference was observed in the children.


This gave birth to our present partnership firm "Mind Wealth" in October 2012. Our brand "Krazy flashcards" was launched with 8 titles of flashcards.


In 2013, we added memory match up and dominoes games. We also added Bilingual flashcards in 3 topics coving 7 languages apart from English: Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada and Bengali Language.


In 2014, we launched our one year program 'Hemali's Infant Brain Stimulation (HIBS)' which could be used by parents across India, without any travelling required.


In 2015, with the high demand of parents who used the first year program, we started the next level program called 'Life skill development program'. It catered to the overall development of the child in the area intellect and behavioural aspects.


In 2016, we launched HUNGRY BRAIN and ungraded HIBS to Early Brain Stimulation Program. We started getting miraculous results which you can see under the section of baby's achievements and parent's sharing.


In 2017, we added Sensory Stimulation Set for Newborns. In the same year, we created the premium quality flashcards under the brand of Hungry Brain. There are more 30 topics of flashcards in 3 different sizes now.


In 2018, we created various videos / webinars like 'Wonder in the womb', '1st two days of Newborns', 'I want black and white and not pink and blue', 'Truth about newborns learning' and many more. This training videos throw light on various facts in the areas of upbringing and learning of the baby.


In 2019, we have expanded out segment to other areas of Brain Development and launched 3 unique products: 'Fun with dots and numbers', 'Enhancing the sense of smell in the first year of life' and 'Match the smell'.

The journey is still on, full-fledged to fulfill our mission to have our coming generations experience learning being fun for life-time.