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Attention, parents! The foundation built in the first six months can define the next six decades—don't let it slip away.

If you believe your baby is too young to learn, you might be overlooking a critical truth: 

Baby's Are Born Learning Hungry!

Babies come into this world as natural learners, ready to explore and understand from the very start. Ready to delve deeper?

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Babies' Learning Method Is Different !

Master your baby's learning style on your own or trust and follow hungry brain, your dedicated parenting partner and get guaranteed results.

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Plan Your Baby's Early Brain Development

Explore Key Steps in Early Brain Development:Join Ms. Hemali Gada for a concise 90-minute workshop detailing essential strategies for your child's learning journey, all in a free session focused on impactful early development​

  • Customized Learning Plans

    Tailor-made educational strategies designed to fit the unique learning style and pace of each child, ensuring they achieve their full potential.

  • Flexible Access

    Online platforms and resources that provide flexibility for parents and children to learn and grow at their own pace and convenience.

  • Parental Empowerment

    Workshops and resources aimed at empowering parents with effective parenting techniques and strategies, enhancing their confidence in their parenting journey.

  • Expert-Backed Curriculum

    A curriculum designed and backed by experts in child development and education, ensuring that your child receives the best possible foundation for future success.

  • Interactive Resources

    Access to a wide range of interactive and engaging learning materials that make teaching fun and effective for parents.

  • Continuous Progress Tracking

    Regular assessments and feedback to track your child’s progress, with insights and recommendations for continued growth.

  • Holistic Development

    A focus not just on academic achievement but on nurturing the overall well-being and emotional intelligence of children, preparing them for all aspects of life.

  • Innovative Techniques

    Adoption of the latest educational technologies and methodologies to provide an enriched learning experience

  • Lifetime Skills

    Emphasis on teaching children critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Can parents be the most effective teachers for babies?

Being a parent involves two aspects: establishing a bond with your baby and teaching them. Parental love is a powerful force, and children learn best when taught in an enjoyable way. However, parents may not have the necessary knowledge or training to teach babies, whose learning methods differ from adults. To address this issue, Hungry Brain offers a solution by providing a coach who can guide and train parents on effective ways to teach their babies at home.

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  • Deepthi - Mother of 21 Months Old Sai Nitya

    Sharing her observations of her daughter's learning journey.

  • Neelima Ahire - Mother of 5 Months old Nyhira

    Sharing her observations of her baby's Sensory Development.

  • Aghalya - Mother of 15 Months old Arura

    observations of her daughter's Overall Personality and Behaviour Development

Neural Connections

Forming Neural Connections

Stimulation helps the baby form thousands of new neural connections every second and this develops their intelligence and coordination. This is more so in the first few months with the baby’s brain-building its wiring system during this time. It is an intense period of brain growth and network building a 'once in a life- time’ phase of learning that lays the foundation for brain development over the years to come.

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