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Welcome to HungryBrain - your parenting partner in providing holistic brain development solutions for your little ones.

We specialize in sensory stimulation for newborns, early thinking stimulation for infants, and life skill development for toddlers.

With over 20 years of experience, we are pioneers in early brain stimulation and have helped thousands of parents witness their child's development milestones, including special children.

Join our movement and give your child the best start in life.

How can we prepare a child to have a secure future ?

Many of us would think that having good financial backup plan or good school and education will have the child's future be secured. But the reality is that its the brain's capability which determines the quality of learning that the child will take even in pre-school. This quality of brain can be developed in early weeks of life by providing appropriate stimulation.

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Is the baby too young for learning?

Learning is not restricted to academic settings but is a continuous process that starts from conception and extends throughout our lives. Infants and young children learn rapidly and absorb information from their environment, caregivers, and experiences. 

Initial months are crucial for babies to learn and understand the world, which can simplify their lives. Early learning experiences during the initial months can improve a baby's ability to learn and navigate the world. As a parent, we can provide such learnings to our young ones soon after birth.

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Can parents be the most effective teachers for babies?

Being a parent involves two aspects: establishing a bond with your baby and teaching them. Parental love is a powerful force, and children learn best when taught in an enjoyable way. However, parents may not have the necessary knowledge or training to teach babies, whose learning methods differ from adults. To address this issue, Hungry Brain offers a solution by providing a coach who can guide and train parents on effective ways to teach their babies at home.

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Neural Connections

Forming Neural Connections

Stimulation helps the baby form thousands of new neural connections every second and this develops their intelligence and coordination. This is more so in the first few months with the baby’s brain-building its wiring system during this time. It is an intense period of brain growth and network building a 'once in a life- time’ phase of learning that lays the foundation for brain development over the years to come.

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