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Understanding Your Baby's Needs

Babies are born Hungry, hungry for absorption of all information that they observe. This learning process helps them recognize the world around them soon after birth. This can be observed when babies recognize their mothers immediately after birth though they had never seen her earlier. They can use their memory and remember their mother’s smells and sounds. Hence they stop crying with even the slightest presence of their mother.

Hungry Brain is here to cater to your Infant’s learning hunger with various Early Brain Development Programs and training modules for Newborns.

Importance Of Early Brain Stimulation

Most of us are often in denial because we feel that the child doesn’t need to learn anything at this age. On the contrary, the first 3 years is the most important phase for early Brain development.

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Increasing The Baby's Capabilities

We can increase the baby’s achievement of developmental milestones in its early months and years by planned stimulation. A baby’s intellectual and motor development happens from circumstantial sensory experiences mostly by chance. But if we provide the stimulation on purpose and not by accident, we can bring up the child in a structured environment that is rich in stimulation. This helps develop sharper brains just as feeding nutritious food does to the body.

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Neural Connections

Forming Neural Connections

Stimulation helps the baby form thousands of new neural connections every second and this develops their intelligence and coordination. This is more so in the first few months with the baby’s brain-building its wiring system during this time. It is an intense period of brain growth and network building a 'once in a life- time’ phase of learning that lays the foundation for brain development over the years to come.

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