Babies are born ready to learn. They have already started their learning process even before birth. This learning process helps them recognize the world around them soon after birth. You must be aware of the fact that the new born baby can recognise his/her mother immediately after birth, though never seen her earlier. Baby recognises mother by her smell and sound (includes both: sound of heart beats and talking). Stop crying while coming in contact with the mother or turning face towards her itself demonstrates that new born is not only taking in information but also judging, evaluating, concluding and taking actions accordingly.

We have seen such actions of baby on the day of birth itself and this being so casual and normal with every new born that we hardly think of thinking on: what brings such actions? Let’s look at how baby is able to do all this at on the day of birth itself, what baby wants to do and also what can we provide to support the baby in what it wants to achieve.

Why Stimulation

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Stimulation Enhances Intelligence

The brain, sensory pathway and the nervous system need a planned and repeated sensory stimulation for their development. Repeating such sensory stimulation strengthens the internal wiring of the brain and increases the speed of brain function.

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Forming Neural Connections

Stimulation helps the baby form thousands of new neural connections every second, and this develops their intelligence and co-ordination. This is more so in the first few months with the baby’s brain building its wiring system during this time. It is an intense period of brain growth and network building, a‘once in a life- time’ phase of learning.

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Increase Baby’s Capabilities

We can increase the baby’s achievement of developmental milestones in its early months and years by planned stimulation. A baby’s regular and normal intellectual and motor development happens from circumstantial sensory experiences mostly by chance. But if we provide the stimulation on purpose not by accident, we can bring up the child in a structured environment which is rich in stimulation. This helps develop sharper brains just as feeding nutritious food does to the body.

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Level 1

Sensory Stimulation Set For Newborns

For: New Born to two months

A Newborn baby has a natural and insatiable curiosity to experience, know and know about the world around them. It depends on the sensory organs mainly hearing, smell, touch and sight and every exposure or experience leads to an overall development of the sensory organs, pathways and the brain.

About the set : Our Sensory Stimulation Set is so designed that a baby would use all its five senses for perceiving sensations, creating memories and recollecting them. These memories would help them in developing association with sensations, objects and stimuli that would further enable them to think, analyze and respond appropriately.

This stimulation set helps parents provide sensory experiences and stimuli in a planned manner to the child. Such planned exposure of each sensory organ to stimuli helps in the accelerated development of the baby’s capability of complex learning in future.

We recommend using this sensory stimulation set from birth till 60 days.

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Level 2

Early Brain Stimulation Program

For: Newborn to 1 year old

A baby is naturally curious and learns from the exposure, stimuli and sensations that it experiences. These are very limited in the normal household context when compared to the baby’s capability to learn. We have to ensure sufficient exposure so that the baby does not experience frustration due to its unfulfilled hunger for learning and natural curiosity.

About the set : Hungry Brain has designed Early Brain stimulation program in a scientific and structuredmanner. This program suits this learning requirement of the baby and shifts into a higher gear in tune with the baby’s growth and learning requirement and the exposure. This stimulation program helps the baby acquire remarkable memory, thinking ability, quick recollection and varied associations besides analyzing rapidly—forming a very strong base for structured and unstructured learning for the baby.

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Level 3

Life skill Development Program

For: 12 months to 40 months old

The child goes through a marked transition phase from 12 months on. It starts to become mobile and tries to speak. The child is now in an experiential stage and becomes a doer, connecting and associating things in real life. The baby wants to get involved in many activities and is excited to explore and learn on its own. Hungry Brain Lifeskill development program HB Level 2 is meant for children of this age.

About the set : Life skill Development Program is a 12 month program for the age group of 1 to 3 years and is uniquely designed with content that encourage baby to build creativity and curiosity. It provides hands on experiments and builds a skill that will help the child at every point of life.

The program gets the child involved in real play activities they develop important life skills like planning, decision making, problem solving, confidence, balancing, creativity and social skills as part of the game activity. This Life skill development program provides 1 set every month for 12 months with each set comprising 5 different product categories along with a video guide on creative usage for specific products.

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