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Hungry Brain

Hungry Brain Maths Program

Hungry Brain Maths Program

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Category of the Hungry Brain Dots and Numbers Program

Fun with dots and Numbers ( for age 3+ months old )

From the time a baby is three months old their vision is still developing and not fully grown ,hence the red dots simplify and ease the process of their learning abilities

Colorful Dots & Numbers ( for age 7+ months old )
By the time the babies are 7 months old, most newborns have more refined colour perception and can differentiate a wider variety of colours, henceforth they become more interested and engaged while using vibrant dot cards.

Program Duration : 1 year

Features :

  • Develops strong logical thinking.
  • Baby's perceiving capacity is very sharp.
  • Enhances minute observation skill.
  • Has sharp thinking skills.
  • Can do calculations at a very high speed.


  • The proven method - Teach your baby math early by using dots flashcards for newborns.  Number cards for toddlers are versatile methods to learn math. Early Learning Math by showing dot cards to the younger baby at 3 months can develop a love for learning math. Dots flash cards are simple in teaching for parents and teachers. In 12 weeks, a child will be able to perceive and recognize quantities till 100.
  • Develops Association Skills - Develop association skills with a combination of dot cards and number cards, which results in both left and right brain development. These Math activity cards develop the ability to perceive any quantity to 100 without counting them thus developing the right brain for a lifetime.
  • Learning equations - Equations for Learning With over 1000 equations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, even a preschooler or toddler can grasp the concept of equations. Children under the age of one year can also select the correct option as an answer to equations asked by mental math calculation.
  • Younger the baby better the learning - These large A4 size high quality dot flashcards are ideal to teach baby above 3 months toddlers, homeschoolers, nurseries, kindergartens, preschools up to speech therapy, autism ADHD and dementia.
  • Content - 101 dot cards 101, number cards, 7 large flash cards for symbols, addition flashcard, subtraction flashcard, multiplication flashcard, division flashcard, equal to flashcard greater than and smaller than flashcards 11 smaller symbol cards and 42 two-sided tiles with numbers and symbols.

Jaksh shah exploring Colorful Dots & Number!!


Fun With Dots and Number - Ved Nagori is identifying quantity before his first birthday

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