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Thinking Stimulation Program (2 Months to 6 Months)

Thinking Stimulation Program (2 Months to 6 Months)

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Stimulation cards that provoke thinking

Stimulation cards are designed to enhance curiosity along with stimulating and building primary thinking skills for developing edge in understanding, differentiating and identifying images appearing in different sizes, colors and orientations. Exposure to thinking stimulation cards empowers babies in finding multiple clues in their struggle to understand the new world around them.

Illusion card develops baby's ability to face challenges, during the phase of growth and that gets further developed with every next level of illusion card.

Benefit of Image cards to develop whole brain thinking skills

Babies exposed to thinking stimulation cards, have an edge when they are exposed to subsequent real image flash cards in the program, enabling them to grasp at a much higher and permanent level.
  • Strengthens baby's ability to capture images.
  • Associate them with past memory.
  • Rapid recollection
  • Develop whole brain.


4 months old Agastya Pammi enjoys flashcards time

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