Nurturing potential (Unborn & newborn baby) during the lockdown period

Day 1: Impact of mother's emotions to the baby

Day 2: Impact of mother's emotional stress to the baby

Day 3: How can mother sharpen her baby's brain?

Day 4: Understanding how Brain works & what to do to develop our Baby's Brain

Day 5: How can stress affect you and your baby?

Day 6: How does stress affect unborn/newborn baby

Day 7: How to unwind the impact of stress during pregnancy

Day 8: Baby's Mirror Neurons Store Memory

Day 9: Learning

Day 10: Association building - A Brain tool to develop intelligence

Day 11: How Brain grows in the 1st year of Baby's life?

Day 12: What is Pruning and the impact of its process on baby's intelligence

Day 13: How memory is stored and tips for having good memory

Day 14 : Learning - 4 steps to learn a skill or a behaviour

Day 15: Different kinds of input for Brain to function and baby to develop

Day 16: Importance of sense of smell in the first year of baby's life

Day 17: How do babies evaluate and arrive to some particular behaviour

Day 18: Impact of home environment during crisis & how to make it positive

Day 19: Possible learning exposures that you can give to you baby at home

Day 20: Learning causes release of 'Happy Hormone' from our baby's Brain

Day 21: Learning is not a pressure, rather a joyous process for young babies