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Early Reading Program

Early Reading Program

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Age Group : 8 months to 6 years
Program duration: 3 months

Early Reading Program helps the baby to understand and learn new words and stories that are linked to each other which results in vocabulary building at an early age of the baby. Best suitable for the babies of the age group of 8 months to 6 years. Word cards to memorize words as images and Starter level storybooks for easy reading. Word cards enable the baby to remember words as images much before recognizing the alphabet. Subsequent exposure of several word cards together enables the baby to understand the formation of sentences. The beauty of our storybooks is that they are written with only those words that the baby has already been exposed to. At first sight, the baby finds the book to be familiar, and easy to connect with. This develops a baby’s affinity towards books and reading, resulting in increased concentration and focus. This plays a critical role in developing overall confidence in the baby.

1. Strengthens the baby’s ability to capture images.
2. Helps associate the learning with past memory and rapid collection.
3. Enhances the photographic memory which enables the right brain to function.
4. Enhances strong vocabulary building.
5. Builds up self-confidence.
6. Develops baby’s affinity towards books and reading.

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