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Sensory Stimulation Set For Pre-term Babies (Newborn To 2 Months)

Sensory Stimulation Set For Pre-term Babies (Newborn To 2 Months)

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A Newborn baby has a natural and unsatisfiable hunger to experience and to know about the world around them.

A baby’s access to knowing and learning is only through sensory organs. By hearing, smelling, touching, seeing baby experiences  and learns about the surroundings which leads to an overall development.

Every exposure of each sensory organ to a planned stimulation strengthens the sensory bridge between the sensory organs and the brain. This results in the development of all the sensory organs, pathways and the brain. This development accelerates the baby’s capability of complex learning in future.

This set contains:

 1) Visual Stimulation Cards

 2) Olfactory stimulation bottles

 3) Auditory stimulation bottles

4) Tactile stimulation charts


  • Supports baby to adjust in this new world
  • An ideal set to provide early intervention to both full term and preterm baby.
  • Enhances clarity in vision.
  • Develops sensory pathways.
  • Deepens ability to differentiate various exposure.
  • Creates initial ability to focus.
  • Boosts memory and its recollection.
  • Lays a foundation to make learning being fun for life time.

(The recommended time for using this Sensory Stimulation Set for Pre-Term babies is from birth till 64 days.)

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