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Early Learning Program (Including Colorful Dots and Number)

Early Learning Program (Including Colorful Dots and Number)

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Current research confirms that learning starts as early as in the womb. Children have the greatest potential for developing the right brain from ages zero to six years old, with the highest potential being at earlier ages. The Early Learning Programs for Babies is a comprehensive guide that includes Early Learning Flash Cards that will help your child's development through learning and fun activities. Learning through flashcards is lifelong learning and aids the child in becoming smarter with regular and appropriate exposure.

Age To Start The Program : 7-12 months

Program Duration : 12 months

This set contains:

  1. C.A.M. (Curiosity, Association, and Memory) Stimulation Program: Nurture curiosity and associative thinking through specially designed cards and methods that spark interest, encourage exploration, and develop connections. Memory stimulation activities improve information retention and recall.
  2. Colourful dots and numbers: It features vibrant dots and numbers, designed to nurture your child's innate ability to recognize and differentiate quantities effortlessly, solve equations intuitively, and cultivate essential mathematical skills. Click here to see more details about colourful dots and numbers.
  3. Word Cards and Story Books: Stimulate language acquisition and comprehension skills with our carefully curated collection of word cards and story books. These resources foster a love for reading and expand vocabulary in an engaging and age-appropriate manner.
  4.  Online Pre-recorded Course: Master Flash Cards: A complete course for parents that will help you gain mastery over Flashcards and increase your child’s brain development, ensuring their bright future. With this course, parents can make the best out of Flashcards which are scientifically one of the most recognized learning methods for a baby. 
  5. Activities for Overall Development: Our program includes a wide range of age-appropriate activities that promote cognitive, sensory, emotional, social, fine motor, gross motor, eye-hand coordination, vestibular, and language development. Receive weekly activities via WhatsApp, ensuring comprehensive stimulation until your baby reaches 18 months of age.
  6. Mentor Support: Receive personalized guidance and support from a dedicated mentor assigned to you throughout the program. Your mentor will provide ongoing assistance, answer your questions, address concerns, and offer tailored recommendations for your child's optimal progress.

Benefits of Early Learning Program: 

  • Develops strong logical thinking. 
  • Baby's perceiving capacity is very sharp.
  • Enhances minute observation skill.
  • Has sharp thinking skills.
  • Can do calculations at a very high speed.

Below are few demonstrations of how young babies benefit with the exposure of Early Learning Program before their first birthday.



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