Sensory Stimulation Set For Newborns

For: New Born to two months

About the set : Our Sensory Stimulation Set is so designed that a baby would use all its five senses for perceiving sensations, creating memories and recollecting them. These memories would help them in developing association with sensations, objects and stimuli that would further enable them to think, analyze and respond appropriately.

This stimulation set helps parents provide sensory experiences and stimuli in a planned manner to the child. Such planned exposure of each sensory organ to stimuli helps in the accelerated development of the baby’s capability of complex learning in future.

Time Frame: This sensory stimulation set is effective for only the first 60 days after birth. After 60 days of age the baby is ready for the complete Hungry Brain - Early Brain Stimulation set.

This set contains:
  • Visual Stimulation Cards: Baby’s first card, 2 black & white charts and 20 cards for visual and thinking stimulation. This helps in strengthening eye muscles enabling your baby to see clearly.
  • Olfactory stimulation bottles: 10 bottles of different fragrances. Smell is the most advanced sense that babies have at birth. You can make it stronger by stimulating it.
  • Auditory stimulation bottles: 10 bottles producing different sounds. The auditory pathway plays a major role in baby’s brain development. This set helps the baby store sound in memory.
  • Tactile stimulation charts: 20 samples of different textures. Touch is one of the best-developed senses at birth and is a powerful learning tool for enhancing a baby's early emotional learning.
  • Enhances clarity in vision.
  • Develops sensory pathways.
  • Deepens ability to differentiate between various stimuli and exposure.
  • Creates initial ability to focus.
  • Boosts memory and recollection.
  • Lays a foundation to make learning a fun activity for life time.
We recommend using this sensory stimulation set from birth till 60 days.