Stimulation Enhances Intelligence

A planned and repeated sensory stimulation result in the development of all the sensory pathway, nervous system and the brain. Every repetition of the sensory stimulation strengthens the wiring and increases the speed of brain function.

With early stimulation, baby forms up to thousands of new neural connections every second, which develops intelligence and co-ordination. As the first few months are an intense period of brain growth and network building, which happens only once in a life- time, the baby’s brain during this period is busy building its wiring system.

Exposure to planned stimulation eases and supports to quicken as well as increase baby’s capability of achieving developmental milestones in early months and years. Normally a baby’s intellectual and motor development happens from sensory experiences as and when the baby gets exposed to such circumstances, and that happens by chance.

  • The stimulation needs to be done on purpose not by accident.
  • To develop the body, baby requires food; But to develop brain, baby requires stimulation.
  • Babies raised in a structured environment which is rich in stimulation develops sharper brains.