my baby is learning fast

I used Hemali’s hungry brain stimulation program, it had all the things which I wanted my baby to know and learn. From day one I was surprised to see my daughter’s responses towards the black and white cards and every week I was curious to know what would be her next response. I was so happy to see her happy smiles and facial expressions. She had also started to associate things in different shapes, size and colors.


Hungry Brain is awesome

I am a mother of 11 month old super-active son who would not sit in one place. But, fortunately the HIBS Program helped me pin him down for some time. The session with these cards is a great time to bond and connect with him. He is always eager and happy to see them. My experience with the Mind wealth team, especially Hemali has also been very insightful! I would recommend that every parent must invest in this program.

Dr. Pooja Chhawcharia ,Hyderabad

Definitely worth buying

My son Rivaan is 2 months old and I'm currently on the 2nd level of the program. He loves looking at the visual stimulation cards especially the illusion cards. He follows them in every direction that I move! I personally get a feeling that his brain is developing fast day on day and the efforts are paying off. It's hardly a matter of seconds to teach your kid when you have the right resources and proper guidance. Thanks to Mind Wealth for making the learning process so enjoyable for kids and simple and organized for parents!

Charu jain Agarwal,Mumbai

Excellent Program !

Hemali’s Infant Brain Stimulation is an excellent program and very well designed. The entire program is precisely been made to meet the need of Infants. My baby loves to look at these cards. Black-n-white visual stimulation cards attract his attention always. His concentration span has increased from 2 second to a good 8 seconds. He gives positive reaction to every stimulation provided. My baby's social quotient has also increased. When he sees the cards, he makes different sounds and moves his hands and legs in excitement while learning. Thanks to the movement stimulations, he can hold body and neck upright at a very young age Thanks to Hemali Gada for inventing this wonderful program.

Mrs. Avani Shah ,Mumbai

Dr. Disha Javeri Shah shares her wonderful experience of using Early Brain Stimulation Program