The baby’s world soon after the birth

We adults have always assumed that newborn’s primary activity seems to be eating and sleeping; but the real activity of a new born is to develop brain’s capacity which is the foundation of their intelligence for life-time.

For baby, birth is a complete transition from amniotic fluid to different touches and temperatures, surrounded by controlled temperature to fluctuated temperature. Constant sound of mother’s heart beat vs different sound of people and things. From only mothers smell to the smell of medicines, powder, soap and perfumes etc.. Absence of light to bright light and various loud colors.

New born baby’s major role is to get accustomed to these new surroundings. During the day of birth baby cannot recognize mother by seeing but recognizes mother by her sound and smell.

At age of one or two days, newborn wants to desperately to know who you are. In order to be able to attach to you and love you, he must be able to distinguish you from all the other people in his environment. He does this best way he knows- through his senses.

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