Early Brain Stimulation Program (Newborns to 18 Months)

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Early Brain Stimulation Program (Newborn to 1st Year)

From birth, every moment babies learn naturally which is based on sensory exposure. This results in baby understanding the world. From these experiences the baby forms personality and attitude, which is built before the baby enters the school and most of we parents are unaware and ignorant about ‘what and how of ’ the learning requirements of the baby.

In the initial months, brain development is very fast and the baby has a huge hunger for learning. Sufficient exposures enabling learning makes baby satisfied and happy, resulting in more developed brain. This way baby develops natural curiosity for learning.

Whatever baby learns is from available exposures, which are very limited against baby’s capability to learn. This leads to unfulfilled hunger for learning resulting in developing certain kind of frustration in the baby which outbursts later on in the form on shouting, hitting, throwing things and temper tantrums. At this later age, baby reacts and resists to whatever is taught or instructed. Resistance to learning comes in child’s way to growth and development, not only in school and colleges, but also continues to be there in work and other areas for lifetime.

When to start Early Brain Stimulation Program?

Right time to start Early Brain stimulation program is soon after Baby's birth. If not started at this age, start latest when your baby turns 7 months old. It is not advisable to start Early Brain stimulation program after 7 months of age. In case you start the program after baby crosses 2 months of age then we will replace the baby's first card, black and white chart and starter set with 30 additional smells. 

Content and Objectives of Early Brain Stimulation Program

Sensory Stimulation:

Newborn have natural hunger to experience and to know about the world around them. Newborn’s access to know the world around is only through seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting i.e. only through sensory organs.

This sensory stimulation set of hungry brain is designed around a baby using all theses senses for creating memories and recollecting them, developing association, thinking, analyzing and responding appropriately.

Normally a baby’s intellectual and motor development happens from sensory experiences as and when the baby gets exposed to such circumstances, and that happens by chance.

Stimulation cards that provoke thinking:

Stimulation cards are designed to enhance curiosity along with stimulating and building primary thinking skills for developing edge in understanding, differentiating and identifying images appearing in different sizes, colors and orientations. Exposure to thinking stimulation cards empowers the baby in finding multiple clues in their struggle to understand the new world around them

Illusion card develops baby’s ability to face challenges, and that gets further developed with every next level of illusion card.

Image cards to develop whole brain thinking skills:

Babies exposed to thinking stimulation cards, have an edge when they are exposed to subsequent real image flash cards in the program, enabling them to grasp at a much higher and permanent level. Exposure of these cards strengthens baby’s ability to capture images, associate them with past memory and rapid recollection.

Word cards to memorize words as images and Starter level story books for easy reading:

Word cards enable the baby to remember words as images much before recognizing alphabet. Subsequent exposure of several word cards together enables baby to understand formation of sentences.

The beauty of these story books is that they are written with only those words that baby has been already exposed to. At first sight, baby finds the book to be familiar, and can easily connect with. This develops baby’s affinity towards books and reading, resulting in increased concentration and focus. This plays a critical role in developing an overall confidence in the baby.


Below are the videos of babies who have benefited from this program: